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What are the main Google ranking factors besides RankBrain?

What are the main Google ranking factors besides RankBrain?

As it is known Google shrouds most of its rank algorithms in secret. We have to believe them when they say that social networks are not a ranking factor (at least, not directly). We only can guess what are the factors that do really matter and where they stand. But sometimes Google unlocks its secrets and reveals information on the list of ranking signals and which of them have the most impact on ranking.

So last year, the company stated that one of the top three ranking signals was RankBrain, Google artificial intelligence system.

Last week, Andrey Lipattsev, aSearch Quality Senior Strategist at Google, listed the two other top ranking signals answering a question by Ammon Johns during a Q&A session.

And what are those two signals?

They are actually links and content. So we have the top three ranking signals according to Google. And they are RankBrain, links and content. Andrey also mentioned that they are equally important having the same place in the hierarchy.

What does it mean?

Well, it has not been a secret for us that links and content do matter. Though the importance of links has become doubtful in recent years. For most SEOs, it means no changes in their day-to-day strategies. It just gives us more certainty on the ranking signal issue and content marketers can feel more confident defending their practice and pushing for growth.

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