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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Real Estate Website Optimization

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Real Estate Website Optimization

If you have been searching for the information on how to make your real estate website friendly to the search engines so that it would attract more potential clients, you are not alone. Now absolutely everyone realizes the importance of the SEO techniques. The real estate market is not an exception. Here we want to offer you the basic things that will make your business successful and your site easy to find on the top of the lists.

Ready to get a site that will work for you? Then follow this SEO guide that will help you to grow your production.

Tips on real estate SEO

SEO optimization in the real estate sphere is a quiet tough process. But it is worth doing, because it will give long-term results. And the main point in real estate site optimization is to make it local search friendly. The users search property in certain areas. And it is important to make them able to see that you offer real estate items in this particular area. So can you do it?

Tip 1. Name/Address/Phone

Name/Address/Phone or simply NAP is a SEO term. NAP is very important in local optimization of the website. It should be clear and consistent across all mentions. One of the best places to put NAP is a footer where it is better to put all repeated information. And it also very useful for the visitors of the site: they will be able to see this contact information in front of them whatever page they land on from search results.

Tip 2. Update, refresh, repeat

Such search engines as Google give preference to websites which are updated regularly. Therefore, it is better to include a blog with regular postings. Moreover, make sure that you respond to all comments. It is also important to update listings and provide the latest news of real estate market. If your site is stagnant, a visitor may think that you are out of touch and outdated or slow to respond.

You should always remember that it is your site that creates the first impression and it is one of the chances to make a visitor become a customer.

Tip 3. Collect reviews

Reviews have a great impact on the search rankings. We are speaking about all sorts of reviews such as Google reviews, Yelp reviews, and local reviews. Why are they so important? It is very simple. Let's look at Google reviews. It is the most popular search engine. For example, when you search for a restaurant in your area, the options with high rates and most comments will be on the top.

So how to get reviews? The best way is to ask your renters and buyers who are happy with the property. You can even to offer a gift card or one-time rent discount for the review. Just email them with direct links to the sites where they can leave their reviews. And don't forget to show appreciation and respond publicly if they do. You can also include a webpage on your site that will describe how and where your customers can leave comments.

But you should also keep in mind that comments include not only positive reviews but also negative ones. So be ready to monitor all review sites and answer positively to the negative reviews as soon as possible. Who knows, maybe it will help you to transform the negative comments into positive.

Tip 4. Do not forget about social media

You can get a lot of benefits by having pages on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other social media. The search engines like Google trust websites who have different social media activity. It is very important to mention your URL in the information of your real estate social media page. So that the search engines can associate your website with the activity on the page.

The next point is to fill out your contact information in the proper section. But please note that this information should be written exactly the same way as in the other online sources. Otherwise, the search engines will not validate this contact information with the same information anywhere else online.

Moreover, you can post previews of the blog posts here. It will allow you to attract potential customers from the social media.

So if your website still does not attract prospective renters you expect, then order express auditing of your site. We will provide a list of mistakes that prevent your site from bringing in potential renters or property buyers. And we will help you to deal with it.

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