Our team will set up a CRM system for sales management and communication with clients. This tool will help you manage all business processes, from setting tasks for your employees and monitoring implementation of the tasks to communicating with colleagues and partners. Bitrix24 is a tool that helps to sell!

A CRM system includes:

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  • What you will get?

    Systematization of work process. You will get a very useful tool which will allow you to manage all projects in one system.

  • What you will get?

    Staff management. You will be able to give tasks to your staff online wherever you are.

  • What you will get?

    Time saving. You do not have to waste time on searching for the documents you need, make plans and tracking deadlines.

  • What you will get?

    Cost saving. You will allocate your time resources and budget maximum effectively saving up to 50% of expenses.

CRM system service includes

Our clients' reviews

  • We wish to thank Internet Clients for their great work. They have become our reliable partner whom we can without any doubts trust development and promotion of our website. Despite the fact that real estate is a rather competitive topic on the internet, you started to optimize and promote our site without hesitation. And thanks to your excellent teamwork we could see the results after just 4 months. The website traffic increased greatly and what is more important the number of online sales with visitors coming from Google and Yandex increased as well. And these numbers still continue to grow steadily.
    We would also like to mention that the upgrade of the website structure and addition of new high-quality content had positive impact on its usability and conversion rate as well. Besides, we always know what is happening with our website. All changes made on the website helped to achieve impressive results! Our company expresses deep appreciation for three years of successful cooperation and high quality of services!

    Evgeniya Günkaya Multivilla CEO

  • As our business depends on the traffic, it was very important for us to find real SEO professionals. When we first contacted Internet Clients, our website was optimized by another company but we couldn’t see any results of their work. So we didn't want to risk and waste a lot of money and we chose only social marketing for a start. But after some time we realized that this company is a team of real professionals who could definitely help us.
    Eventually we decided to redesign our website and trust this business to you. And we should say that this redesign almost immediately increased our traffic. After that, they developed a set of other language versions. So we have never regretted our choice but appreciated working with you!

    Alla Shinkevich Nevsky Prostor Deputy CEO

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CRM systems (Customer Relationship Management): well-arranged business is a key to success

CRM system is a sort of personal organizer for businessmen which makes maintaining a business very easy. With its help you will be able to control task completion, increase sales and reduce costs, and find out which employees work inefficiently. It allows you to work more effectively with your colleagues and customers, saving your time for important issues.

Internet Clients, one of the leaders in the online marketing, will work out and install a CRM system perfectly matching your business goals. We will not only develop a software product for your business, but also help you introduce it to your company.

The cost of this service is determined by mutual agreement.

A CRM system will allow you to:

  • manage your business;
  • communicate with your colleagues;
  • handle transactions;
  • work with customers;
  • share documents;
  • establish your personal schedule.

To learn more about Internet Clients software, contact us at: 8 (800) 700-34-35.