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A guide on how to make your property management site mobile friendly

A guide on how to make your property management site mobile friendly

While desktop computers are still widely used in our homes and at work, more and more people use their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) for getting access to the Internet. Nowadays, almost 80% of Internet users search the Web on their smartphones. And according to Google, last year mobile overtook desktop in ten different countries.

Mobile Internet access allows the users to check the e-mail and surf the Net no matter where they are. They are always connected and informed. It means that you need to optimize your website for mobile so that everyone will be able to see what you have to offer. Mobile optimization includes responsive website design. Your property management website should fit on any device used to see the information, whether it is a desktop computer, a tablet or a mobile phone.

Bring in more tenants with responsive website design

If you want your website to bring in more renters and property buyers, then mobile optimization is one of the best ways to do it. Potential customers will have an opportunity to browse your site and your rental offers right from their smartphones. So a simple fix will allow you to increase your business. When we speak about responsive website design you should not mix it with a so-called mobile version of the website. While mobile sites have their own mobile domain, for instance, responsive sites are the same domains, they just fit any screen size and orientation.

Отображение сайта на разных устройствах

How to optimize property management site for mobile devices

First of all, you should check if your website is mobile-friendly. If it is, you probably do not need to do anything else. But if it is not so, then you will need to work with a web designer and to set your site for mobile devices as soon as possible. Pay attention to the contact forms and online applications. They must be accessible and easy to read from any device. A poor online experience may spoil all your efforts.

Google and mobile-friendly ranking

In April, 2015 Google officially integrated mobile friendliness as a ranking signal. And the company have recently announced that this ranking signal is about to get stronger. Google is planning to roll out an update to Google Search in May. This update will increase the effect of the mobile-friendly ranking. So users will be able to find more pages that are relevant and mobile-friendly.

Even now you can notice that when you search some information on your mobile phone, you will first see the websites that are mobile-friendly. There are almost no non-mobile friendly sites shown up on he front page. And after May's update there is a chance that the fewer pages not optimized for mobile devices. So it is worth not ignoring mobile marketing.

Mobile-friendly emails

According to the data, about 80 percent of people say that they use their mobile devices to check their emails. Checking email is the most common activity, even more than social networking and gaming. So make sure that your emails are readable and accessible on phone and tablet.


Lack of mobile optimization can lead to the fact that your website does not load properly on a smartphone or a tablet. So prospective tenants will not be able to view all information they want and it can make them to navigate away and choose a competitor's website instead.

Optimization of you real estate management website for mobile devices will allow not jut to attract more potential customers but also to work with your current tenants. You can offer your customers to pay for their rent online, submit maintenance requests or renew their leases right from their mobile devices.

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