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Когда вы хотите найти что-либо в интернете, вы чаще всего обращаетесь к Яндексу – самой популярной поисковой системе в России. А как сделать так, чтобы самому оказаться в результатах выдачи и привлечь посетителей на веб-сайт? Понравиться поисковику поможет грамотное продвижение сайта в Яндексе. Заказать эту услугу вы можете в компании «КИТ».

Yandex SEO — How to make your business successful in Russia

Internet Clients offer a unique set of Yandex SEO services for promotion of websites in Russia and neighboring countries like Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and others. Based in the very heart of Russia, our company will help you make your brand visible in a completely new market ensuring you a significant opportunity to expand your business and attract customers from Russia and neighboring countries taking into account all special features of website promotion on Yandex.

SEO Yandex

While in the most countries the leading search engine is without any doubts Google, more than half of Russian population use Yandex. Being the biggest Russian search engine, it is probably the most effective tool to promote a business in this country. So if you are aiming at expanding your business in the largest country in the world, you shouldn`t ignore Yandex. Otherwise, you will lose most of your target audience.

Russian search engine – Why to choose a Russian agency?

So after you have decided to appeal to the Russian market, you should be very careful with selecting a company that will responsible for that. Whereas the largest part of rules or website promotion on Google work on Yandex as well, there are special differences which may make promotion rather complicated. For instance, geo-targeting, ways of manipulating of user behavior, on-page content.

Therefore, it is important to choose a company that is aware of the whole process and these differences in particular. The best option will be to find a Russian web analytics agency that has enough experience in working with foreign customers and website localization.

Promote your website on Yandex with Internet Clients

Having been working in the online marketing industry in Russia for over 10 years, Internet Clients ensure you to make your website a great selling tool that will bring quality leads from Russia. We have deep knowledge of all special features of Yandex SEO which allow us us provide high quality services. Working with our agency you provided with:

  • professional SEO specialists to promote your website on Yandex and bring it to top positions,
  • flexible price system (various special offers and discounts),
  • full set of SEO services (including website analytics, localization and optimization),
  • large experience (over 400 foreign customers from the USA, China, Austria, Turkey, Israel, the UAE and many others)

Contact us today and get more detailed information on promotion on Yandex and get the best price.

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